Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Knock Knock Knock, Penny! (x3)

Have you ever seen The Big Bang Theory? If you have then you know of its greatness. If you haven't then, stop reading this post and go watch every single episode you can find!! Justin and I got to go to a taping of it last night. It was an absolute blast. 
When we first pulled into the parking garage to wait for them to take us to the studio where the filming was going to take place, there was a TON of people. I had a mini stroke. I was so afraid that we weren't going to get in because all these people beat us to it. When the lady came up to check our tickets and ID's she said "You two are in the guaranteed line!" aaah! I could have kissed her face I was so happy! I had completely forgot that The Big Bang Theory always has a standby line just in case someone with a guaranteed ticket doesn't showed up. So I was soooo happy that we for sure would be getting to see the taping tonight! 
We walked what seemed like forever to the 25th building, which is where they film the show. {They also filmed What I Like About You in there too!} While waiting in line to go through yet another metal detector Justin noticed a little ways into the distance was a huge shadow box with some various memorable props from the show: the multi level chess board and the creepy kissing machine Wolowitz made. 
After that we got seated pretty dang close to center stage. We were in the back row but it's stadium seating so we could still see. While we were waiting for the crew to get ready to shoot the first scene they played us a never-before-aired episode! That was a nice little treat! 
After what seemed like kind of a long time they finally started filming! Justin and I made sure to laugh loudly and joyfully so hopefully you can all verify we were there ;) It was so much fun when the actors messed up their lines! haha it only happened a couple times but it was great and so dang funny! Johnny Galecki (the guy who plays Leonard) couldn't say this one line and kept on messing it up! He had to read the script a couple of times to get it. 
Guess what else! You know how you never see Wolowitz's mom? Well we got to see her! Contrary to popular belief at my house, Bernadette isn't the one who does it. It's a lady whose name is Carol Ann Susi {said so on the program!} She would just stay in the fake little hallway and shout out her lines to Howard.  
Wanna hear something tender? Kaley Cuoco {the girl who plays Penny} came out in between shooting scenes and pointed out that this episode they were filming was the 99th one! She also pointed out her Dad who sits in the back of the audience and has been to every single episode taping! How cutie is that? I thought that was super tender. 
After watching all the fun scenes and eating pizza and being entertained in between takes by the MC, Mark it was all over! I am so happy we went! We had so much fun at the taping of Two and a Half Men last year that we had to go to another one. I certainly recommend it to anyone who comes to El Lay. 

I forgot to have us a take a picture of ourselves before we went in so we did it when we got back to the car. My face was all red because it was kind of chilly out and we walked like a mile from the studio to the car. 

Here's the program {sorry it's sideways I tried to fix it but I guess I'm just not very good :)} 

oh and a little p.s.- on our way back to the parking garage the guy who was escorting us pointed out Ashton Kutcher's huuuge trailer and he said that a couple weeks ago he saw Ashton and Demi fighting! haha cool huh? I thought it was. I feel so in the know now :) Move over Perez Hilton! Alex is the new celebrity gossip blogger!


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since being done with my internship and coming home from Utah, I've been working like crazy to make our Rexburg apartment the cutest apartment around! I've been on Pintrest constantly and started making a fabulous wreath for our little dining room. I love it so far, it's going to be excellent. Most of my time this past week was spent on staining our dining room table. About a year ago Justin found this Ikea table down at the crane yard. It was in the dumpster. This is totally a rags to riches story for this ugly duckling of a table and chairs. Just this past week I finally got to tackle this long project. 
Here's the before shot. Suuuuper homely, I mean ew, look at that awful sad color. 

Sanding. SO glad I had an electric one or else this would have not been fun at all. It still wasn't that fun but at least it was bearable. {Also, try to not look at me in this pic, I'm wearing Justin's work clothes}

So after hours and hours of me coming to the crane yard and conditioning the wood and staining and it, it's finally done! Hooray! 

Beautiful!!! Doesn't even look like cheap Ikea crap! 

I'm really happy with the result. It's gonna look so good in our apartment! I can't wait to get it there. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pirate + Vampire = Vampirate...?

Last night Justy and I went to a Pirate dinner theater! What a good time. And since it's October they Halloween-ized it by making the pirates into "vampirates."{odd, I know} Nevertheless, it was very fun.

We were seated in the green section. {meaning we were supposed to cheer for the green pirate} Shortly after being seated our pirate came right up to me and Justin and told us to come with him {aaaahhh!!!!} I was very scared. Green Pirate Man told us that we were going to compete in the competition. {aw crap.}  And I was also the designated cheerleader for the section so he gave me the ever covetous green flag to wave to show green spirit. 
This is us with the flag and me super stressed out because I was extremely nervous about having to be in front of everyone for the competition. 

As the show started Justy and I realized our pirate was the best one. To show off his skills he had not one whip but two and was cracking them! {he was a bad-a} The other lamo pirates had swords and stupid things like that. 
The competition started and I was beckoned to come down. My job was to throw up a "canon" to mister pirate and he would catch it and swing across the water and throw it in a basket. First one to get three wins. 

I threw impeccably well {justin was very surprised} and the green pirate won! Yay! Next it was Justin's turn. He just had to have the first three rows of people pass one of the "canon balls" through the rows. 

Here's husband doing his job and thanks to him, green won again! We're pretty freaking bomb. {duh!} So thanks to Justin and mine's great pirate game skills Mr. Green Pirate got to have the "gypsy witch." Which basically meant they got to do some cool tricks together. 

Sorry 'bout the crappy quality. The lighting wasn't ideal in there. 
It was a really fun show! Definitely recommend it!